A brief list of friends also active in Film, TV & Education, in random order.

Arleen Cuevas. Producer, teacher and best friend. Coffee at Bigfoot in Cebu. Filming in Tondo, Manila. Engaged in Cannes during the festival.

Ian Saladyga. Cinematographer with a history involving cats. (His mum knows it all)

David Fong. A road trip across Europe. Chinese in Soho during early morning shift at the Weather channel.

Leigh Warner. Loads of webcasting across Europe, 5 star hotels, weekends on airports.

Bob Johnston. Berlin. 80 Days around the World. Pizza at Babelsberg lab morning shift. File transfers from Thailand. Trip to Spain.

Koen Suidgeest. Documentary filmmaker and fellow Dutchman. Reappears 20 years after we studied in the UK.

Greg Curda. Post-production expert and sound mixer. We broke a chair or two in a filipino pizza place.

David Busuttil. Heaving drinking in Soho bars and Alicante.

Stephen Paine. More than a decade of working together on two continent. Road trip to Kuala Lumpur. Preferred curry supplier.