Cinematografica documentary ‘Aswang’ premieres at IDFA 2019

Another great cinematografica film screens on the international film festival circuit in 2019.

Aswang Cinematografica documentary Aswang premieres at IDFA 2019
‘Aswang’ premiere 21/11/2019 at IDFA

‘Aswang’ is directed by Alyx Ayn Arumpac and produced by Armi Rae S. Cacanindin. The film follows people who are caught up in Duterte’s drug war in the Philippines and explores the fate of individuals and families affected by the killings. Alyx Ayn Arumpac offers a unique perspective into the collective mind of a society torn between democracy, a totalitarian president and wide spread corruption.

One of the participants, a missionary brother, attended the premiere. He explained that before Duterte there were “one, perhaps two killings a week”. This rose to “seven or more killings a night.” Finally he adds chillingly: “The only night over the last two years with no killings, was on the 21st of December. The Christmas holiday of the National Police.”

Director Alyx and a participant in the film, a Filipino missionary brother, attended the premiere.

At the time of writing the film was already sold out for three of its five IDFA screenings. You can get tickets for the last two remaining screenings here.

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