Dwein Baltazar’s “Oda sa Wala” wins at the 2018 QCinema Festival.

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Which really is not a surprise. I found myself in the freezing Trinoma Cinema 4 in Quezon City after an intense week of lecturing, It would have been easy for me to walk out – I felt cold and jetlagged and said to myself that this film better keeps me watching. And it did. Never mind the cold – or jetlag.

‘Oda sa Wala’ tells the tragic-comic story of Sonya who runs a Filipino funeral parlour in a world that seems to have forgotten her long ago. Until one day she develops a closer relationship with an unclaimed corpse. I won’t divulge much more – you will have to find for yourself. As I sat there watching Sonya’s story unfold I began to wonder who the real corpses in Sonya’s world are.

I have no idea how and where you will be able to see this film. But you can start looking into director Dwein Baltazar and ‘Oda sa Wala’ via this link:


And who knows – it may screen in your local arthouse cinema. Maybe you find it eventually on some VOD streaming service. A true little filmmaking gem that keeps you watching without all the CGI and Hollywood glamour. And Bravo to Dwein Baltazar!

cc odasawala2 200x300 Dwein Baltazars Oda sa Wala wins at the 2018 QCinema Festival.

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