Fake, faker, the fakest …


… and how to spot it at IBC 2018:
Every year I am drawn to IBC like a moth to the flame. From content to production, post-production and distribution – I get to see it all at IBC.

New, newer, the newest.
Knowledgeable experts and smooth talking sales staff discuss, present and introduce more bandwidth for all your streaming needs.Who doesn’t want to use better digital cameras, lights, microphones and grip equipment? Or learn more about the best multi-screen, multi-device, social-media narrative and marketing strategy for your TV show? (I know – that sentence is a bit of a tongue breaker)

There just is not enough time to absorb all that the video streaming explosion has on offer, not to mention the new ways to tell stories in 360 degrees (like liquid cinema does) or use Augmented Reality in a TV studio (like NCAM does).

But the future room at IBC is relatively small and more fitting to my limited attention span.

The future …

%name Fake, faker, the fakest ...
Real or fake? Invid software can spot the difference. Source – Invid-project 2018

… of Real versus Fake
This year the European Invid-project caught my eye in the future room.  I almost missed it: the projects small stand is surrounded by companies like JVC presenting their even bigger 8K home TV (Really? Who needs this?) and the BBCs impressive research department.

Dr. Vasileios Mezaris explained what the Invid-project is all about. The company offers software solutions to spot fake online videos. To news organisations, journalists and governments this is gold.

Considering how important fake news has become over the last couple of years, I was amazed to see that the Invid stall did not feature more prominently in the future room.

Fakes are getting better and better. Invid offers a solution to spot them.
From Brexit to US elections – fake news have been influencing and changing the way voters behave. Fake content is a threat to our democracy. Better voice- and image manipulation software deliver even more convincing fakes, like the one shown in this BBC news clip.

The Invid project makes a real difference. The EU knows how important this is to all of us. That is why they co-funded the Invid-project.

If you are a journalist, if you work in the news, if you need to verify whether or not an online video is fake or real, then you should head over to the Invid-project and download their free chrome extension.

You can find the Invid-project until September 18, 2018  in the Future Zone, Hall 8, stand 8.F16.

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