Why Brexit is really beginning to piss me off

tenor Why Brexit is really beginning to piss me off
Stop this madnees!

Brexit is coming closer. And today I noticed a couple of Brexit posts which contain the usual Brexit delusions and lies.

Some of my friends post this in good faith. They ask questions. That’s good. But don’t be disappointed if I call out Brexit BS when I read it. Don’t be offended when i call a post stupid when it is clearly misleading and demonstrably false.

It is time to stand up and tell Brexiteers that enough is enough. Every day for the last two years we have had to endure their xenophobic language and listen to lies and false promises. The hard reality is that nothing good comes out of Brexit.

  • There is no extra money for the NHS,
  • UK regions will get less after Brexit,
  • Border controls will cause delays,
  • UK pensioners wont get free health care in Spain,
  • Companies are moving to the continent,
  • The pound has dropped by a third in value since Brexit,
  • WTO proposals by the UK have so far been rejected
  • and the NHS lacks EU nurses and doctors who move back home.

This is not project fear. This is REALITY!

I am thoroughly fed up with the arrogance, xenophobia and ignorance in the Brexit camp. The world does not revolve around the UK and its time for this idiotic Brexit to stop.

But I am hopeful. I really really hope that the UK government begins to realise how stupid Brexit really is. I hope the people of the UK wake up to realise that the referendum was based on lies and fraud perpetuated by the Brexit camp.

I hope that the people of the UK discover that in order to have their cake, they need to rejoin their rightful seat at the EU coffetable – or else there will be no cake for the UK!

Less than 8 weeks to go with this madness. But still enough time for the UK to do the right thing.