Frankenstein! Well scary – but European!

Today Dave came to visit me in Bournemouth. We reckon that Mary Shelley was a proper European. She wrote a novel with a monster in it created by a German scientist with a well scary German name: Frankenstein! When her husband Percy drowned in Italy his heart was brought back to Mary and is now buried with her. We think Mary and Percy would have hated #Brexit.

mary 1024x784 Frankenstein! Well scary   but European!
mary1 1024x575 Frankenstein! Well scary   but European!

Aaaaand – Action!

Steinkjer is not exactly a bustling metropolis in Noway. But it is beautiful. Except maybe the huge chicken feed containers in the port area. And then there is Nord University. Every year the school organises the “& Action” conference and this time I was invited to speak on the topic of ‘Impact Producing in Documentary Filmmaking’.

I was impressed by the quality of questions from students, staff and visitors to the conference. Staff and students were welcoming, I was well looked after, the atmosphere was easy going and enjoyable. I feel honoured to have been part of a programme that featured speakers like John Thomson and Lara Acaster. I am glad I had the time to make this trip. And I hope I will find the time for another journey to Steinkjer.

wednesday 10th april schedule 1024x724 Aaaaand   Action!
thursday 11th april schedule 1024x724 Aaaaand   Action!
action 1024x575 Aaaaand   Action!

greg3 1024x576 Aaaaand   Action!
hill 1024x829 Aaaaand   Action!

M/F/X at the Roze Filmdagen 2019

Thanks to Koen Suidgeest for the invitation to see his short documentary M/F/X at the Roze Filmdagen in Amsterdam. The film offers a rare glimpse into the struggle of “three transgenders from Vietnam, Honduras and the Netherlands”.

The film screens again as part of the festivals short docu-programme, you can see it again on Wednesday 20 March 2019, 17:45 at the Ketelhuis, Westerpark. There is also the opportunity to meet Kim Shantal, one of the films transgender individuals. If you go, you should also visit Koen’s photo exhibition of people he met during the production but who did not make it into the film.

According to the filmmaker and photographer Koen those “stories were also so compelling that we decided to make this exhibition”. Both film and exhibition are little gems you will enjoy at the Roze Filmdagen.

Why Brexit is really beginning to piss me off

tenor Why Brexit is really beginning to piss me off
Stop this madnees!

Brexit is coming closer. And today I noticed a couple of Brexit posts which contain the usual Brexit delusions and lies.

Some of my friends post this in good faith. They ask questions. That’s good. But don’t be disappointed if I call out Brexit BS when I read it. Don’t be offended when i call a post stupid when it is clearly misleading and demonstrably false.

It is time to stand up and tell Brexiteers that enough is enough. Every day for the last two years we have had to endure their xenophobic language and listen to lies and false promises. The hard reality is that nothing good comes out of Brexit.

  • There is no extra money for the NHS,
  • UK regions will get less after Brexit,
  • Border controls will cause delays,
  • UK pensioners wont get free health care in Spain,
  • Companies are moving to the continent,
  • The pound has dropped by a third in value since Brexit,
  • WTO proposals by the UK have so far been rejected
  • and the NHS lacks EU nurses and doctors who move back home.

This is not project fear. This is REALITY!

I am thoroughly fed up with the arrogance, xenophobia and ignorance in the Brexit camp. The world does not revolve around the UK and its time for this idiotic Brexit to stop.

But I am hopeful. I really really hope that the UK government begins to realise how stupid Brexit really is. I hope the people of the UK wake up to realise that the referendum was based on lies and fraud perpetuated by the Brexit camp.

I hope that the people of the UK discover that in order to have their cake, they need to rejoin their rightful seat at the EU coffetable – or else there will be no cake for the UK!

Less than 8 weeks to go with this madness. But still enough time for the UK to do the right thing.

Electric cars are cleaner. They really, really are ….


cartoon self driving car Electric cars are cleaner. They really, really are ....

Watch out: the Anti-Electric-Car madness is on the rise

I don’t mind a few FB posts hurting my eyes once in a while. But the “electric-car-is-not-good” theme is standing out this week.
Punchy slogans in big letters like “Are electric cars really cleaner?” and “Electric car batteries destroy Brazilian rain forests” make me wonder about some of my FB friends. 
Right now these are popular anti-electric-car slogans, especially in Germany where courts have ruled that many Diesel cars are not meeting environmental standards.
I can see that my German FB friends are confused and upset by this ruling. They wonder if fine dust particles are actually harmful and whether electric cars are really cleaner. I guess change never comes easy.

The facts are:

1) Electric cars are not pollution free. But they are way better than fossil fuel engine cars.

2) Fine dust pollution is harmful to our health. This is statistically proven.
Let’s have a look at the facts rather than falling for fake news. I collected a couple of sources that explain all this in more detail:
1) Electric cars are more energy efficient compared to fossil fuel cars.
2) Electric cars produce less CO2 compared to fossil fuel cars. The amount of CO2 also depends on the electricity-mix. (i.e. fossil fuel generated or renewable energy electricity)
3) Electric car batteries are expensive to produce. But over the lifetime of the car, this is still more economic compared to fossil fuel cars.
4) The electricity network does not collapse if everyone had an electric car and charged it. Smart electric cars can be used as a buffer and make charging more efficient.
5) New battery technology promises fast charging in the next few years.
I am hoping that our old Fiat 500 makes it another 7 years or so. And then Arleen and can get the self-driving, fast-charging electric for a comfortable drive while watching a good movie. And chat about the possibility of time travel. But that’s another topic…


141695 150x150 Electric cars are cleaner. They really, really are ....